On the island of Krk there is a thousand-year-long tradition of wine making, allegedly even in the ancient times, the reputation about the good wine from the area reached as far as Rome. A more recent testimony from the 18th century was written by Alberto Fortis, who mentioned 20 000 barrels of wine being annually exported from the island, emphasizing that the Baška wine was the best. Today many vineyards have disappeared, the wine production is local and there is very little export. However, a true wine-making jewel has been kept in the Vrbnik Valley for more than a hundred years. At the entrance to this place, you will pass through many lines of grape wine and cultivated land. Visit some of the wineries (Katunar, Toljanić…), taste a piece of cheese and indulge in the fantastic taste of the Vrbnik wines. The most famous sort from these vineyards is the Vrbnik žlahtina.