Vrbnik is situated on the top of a steep hill, as much as fifty meters above the sea. Archaeological research found the beginnings of settling in the wider Vrbnik area dating from the prehistoric times. The first written mention of Vrbnik dates back to the far 1100. Vrbnik was the nursery of the Glagolitic script with an important Glagolitic school. Even today we can see carved traces of the Glagolitic script on the walls of Vrbnik houses.

The preservation of tradition is another distinctive feature of the place. This certainly includes the cultivation of the famous grape sort – žlahtina, used to make the wine of the same name. Throughout history, including today, Vrbnik inhabitants worked in agriculture and cattle breeding owing to an abundance of fertile land and natural source of underground water enabling the irrigation of farm land, as well as the rocky landscape around the village as an extremely favourable area for cattle breeding.