In the cove Sepen, just a few kilometres by air to the south of Omišalj, there is an inexhaustible site of archaeological heritage. The first traces of settling in the area date back into the 1st century when the Roman town Fulfinum emerged. Its emergence is related to the construction of the city for the retired Roman soldiers during the Flavian dynasty. A good geographical position caused the development of seafaring and trade. The past archaeological research discovered the city forum, the heart of every city from the Roman age, the centre of the social and religious life of the Romans. Here, only fifty meters from the sea, is where the foundations of the temple, the civilian basilica and the commercial edifices (tabernae) were found. In one moment during the 3rd century, the city simply died out, at least when it comes to its original monumental form. Still, life continued. Traces of more modest settlement of the area were found, probably connected with the port which is still in function.