Start your tour in Omišalj. Take a walk to the façade of the parish church of the Assumption of Mary, where you can see the pieces of the church furniture and the remains of an earlier edifice reused as construction material for building this church. It is not always the case that both the older and the younger church are preserved, so you should also stop at the abandoned church complex in the woods near Malinska, famous under the name Cickini.

After this adventure, visit the settlement Punat. On your way, along the road, you will see the small Church of St Donat, which was completely torn down after the World War II, then it was restored and today it represents a true Romanesque monument on the island. Continue towards Punat and at the entrance to the village take the path towards the remains of the church of St Peter on Kanajt. On this archaeological site there was a church from the 6th until the 9th century when it was no longer used for liturgy. Take a short break in Punat and then head for an adventure on the last two sites on the eastern side of the island, the medieval Church of St Peter in Soline and the Renaissance building of All Saints in Sužan.