Start this trip with a mud bath in the cove near the village Soline. This mud was used for medicinal purposes by the old Romans, therefore you can do the same. During the Roman Empire, there used to be a quay here and salt pans where the inhabitants used to produce salt, which presented a fortune.

The following stop on your tour should be the Roman city Fulfinum below Omišalj. Within this extremely important site, you can also see the old Christian basilica from the 5th century, called Mira. If you enjoyed the landscape of the area sufficiently, set out for the Roman Curicum, today’s Krk. Although the history of the city dates back into the ancient past, the first centuries can be found deep under the ground. A part of the city infrastructure and the walls of the former Krk can be seen within the catering facility Volsonis in the very centre of the city. Near this site, within the tavern Mate, there is the Roman mosaic showing Triton, which should be seen. For the end of the tour, there are a few old Christian pieces to see in Baška, in the very centre of the city along the Church of St Marco. These are the preserved parts of a mosaic dating from the far 5th century, which used to cover the floor of the church.