The church of All Saints in Sužan dates back to 1514 when it was built under the patronage of the brotherhood of All Saints from Sužan. Significant changes ensued in the second decade of the 19th century when such form of voluntary religious liturgy was abolished and the church was left to the care of the population. After 1927 masses ceased to be held in the church, as the function of the main village church in Sužan was taken over by the nearby church of the Our Lady of Health.Župna crkva Uznesenja Blažene Djevice Marije i zvonik

Although the church is relatively young, still a few stages of construction and reconstruction can be seen. The original Renaissance church had small dimensions, then an apse was added on the east side, and an entry porch on the west side (loggia, “lopica”). The western façade has a distaff with three bells and a stone staircase leading to the roof. There was a cemetery near the church and a small edifice east of the apse, which probably used to be an auxiliary cemetery object. Although it is today abandoned and situated at the end of the village, this church speaks figuratively about its five hundred year old past and represents a true touristic gem.