In case you should set out to the southern part of the island, be sure to visit the Regional Ethnographic Collection in Kornić. In 2007 a museum display was created in a traditional 19th century edifice, which like a time capsule carries the visitor into a century-old living environment, when the house was still inhabited. Today the collection consists of more than seven hundred items. In the cellar, on the ground floor, there are the cooper’s workshop, land farming, and cattle breeding tools and cheese making accessories and a small collection of scales. The stone terrace, so-called baratura, used as the entrance into the living quarters, contains an old toilet and a wood-fired oven. In the display rooms, the visitors may see the collection of musical instruments, žrno – hand mill for corn, folk costumes and textile and a traditional kitchen with the rest of the house inventory from the past. This important ethnographic collection was formed to preserve the not so far away life in Kornić and on the island from oblivion.