Punat is a tourist place situated in the picturesque bay in the south-western part of the island. The visitor of Punat is treated to a beautiful view already at the entrance to Punat, which can hardly be expected in the road traffic. The road along the sea passes by many tourist attractions – from the small Romanesque church of St Donatus, olive oil cold press machine to the large marina for yachts and sailing boats and a promenade by the sea with interesting activities for the guests.

Although it is rather young, with a series of houses with stylistic decorations from the 19th century, today’s village has its own Roman rustic past.

Near Punat, in the village of Stara Baška, there is a true tourist oasis. This place is the perfect blend of wilderness and peace, crowned with a harmony of immaculate natural and cultural heritage. Above the cove Zala, south-east of Stara Baška, there are still visible remains of the Romanesque church of St Hieronymus emerged on the remains of a large antique villa.