After receiving the Duke’s approval in 1766, the people of Punat decided to build a parish church. The church was built quickly with joint efforts by the citizens and the financial support by the local brotherhoods. By following the erection of the church, we can follow the demographic growth in Punat and its surroundings. Already in 1840, the church underwent its first adaptation and was considerably widened. The bell tower was also added. The number of inhabitants continued to grow in the 20th century, so already in the 1930s the church was widened again. The then authorities tried to make the size of the church follow the growth of the number of inhabitants so that the church would not be too small. The main altar contains a real work of art by the Baroque sculptor, made in the middle of the 18th century in the workshop by Pavao Riedl. This playful and skilfully made altar was originally located in the church of St Nicholas in Senj, but in 1790 it was transferred to Punat. The main altar contains another artwork which requires attention. This is the altarpiece showing the sermon of St John. This is the work of the famous Venetian Baroque artist Domenico Fedeli, called Il Maggiotto.