As the people of Baška moved closer to the sea, the then parish church of St John was too far away for everyday liturgy, which is why the parish church of the Holy Trinity was built in Baška. The erection of the new church started in 1724, and the church was dedicated in 1740.

This is a Baroque three-nave structure with a twenty-eight-meter high bell tower, built in 1766. It underwent considerable construction works in the 20th century, when the entry façade was shaped in the eclectic style. The interior of the church has richly decorated altars. The main altar is adorned by the art work of the local master from the 18th century Fran Jurić. The painting shows the Holy Trinity and the coronation of the Virgin Mary. The works of this artist can be seen on the island Košljun. One of the works is The Last Supper which was for a long time attributed to the Venetian master Palma Junior. Still it would be safer to say that the painting is a late Renaissance work by a master from Palma’s circle.