The small village of Omišalj is located in the northern part of the island, on a high hill above the sea. Its beginnings date back into pre-Roman times, but it developed significantly in the Middle Ages. Omišalj was first mentioned in the 12th century, and later in 1213 under the name Castri Musculis in the dispute between the Krk bishop and the Omišalj clergy. The Krk princes Frankopans, who owned land there, also played an important role in the development of the village. In the 15th century, during the princes Ivan and his son Nikola, the family started to build a Castle, a massive defensive tower and walls located on the southern side of the today’s village. Soon after, Omišalj and the entire island fell under the Venetian rule, and the village was important owing to its strategic position. The crew with their castellan were situated within the walls, and war ships were anchored in the port. The population of Omišalj dealt with fishing, cattle breeding and agriculture, which disappeared with the industrialization of the area. Today these economic branches have been replaced by tourism.