The famous locality Gradec is situated near Risika, almost hidden in the thick forest. The remains of the large Castle – the fortress by the princes Frankopans, have been preserved. Ever since 1118 the family Frankopan was the first local family and the only family whose members ruled over the island Krk as successors. Gradec is considered as the place of their origin. High thick walls that remained today give only an indication of how large and important this structure was. Although the emergence of the Castle can be dated into the 12th century, accidental findings indicate that the area was inhabited in the Roman times. The church of the Holy Spirit, whose foundations were preserved, was located near the Castle. This locality, fitting perfectly into its natural surroundings and available only to the eye of the curious strollers, is an important monument witnessing about the most famous aristocratic family on the island, the Frankopans.