The Gallery Toš, one of the most beautiful exhibition rooms of the Croatian littoral, with its interior of stone walls and the original old olive mill (toš) represents a significant cultural heritage of the entire area. The exhibitions held there present a special experience to the visitors and an important contribution to the cultural events of Punat and the island of Krk. The Gallery Toš gained the status of a relevant exhibition room in the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Freelance Artists Association owing to its long-time continuous good art programmes.

Every year, the gallery room presents a new exhibition programme. Often the chosen artists are already familiar on the Croatian or world art scene and have a remarkable artistic opus behind them. The exhibition opening ceremonies are interesting manifestations, blending the traditional and the cultural-artistic event, accompanied by music (vocal groups and players of the traditional instrument sopile) as well as traditional cuisine (fried sweets fritule and hrostule).