The twenty-first century is used to mass tourism and high consumerism, with the hectic pace, even though quite laid-back, present during the vacation as well. While you are enjoying the natural and cultural beauties of the island of Krk, find some time to visit another little island house, which will take you to some almost forgotten times, just like a time machine, and present the life on Krk remembered only by the oldest islanders. The ethnographic collection of the island of Krk can be found in the Dobrinj city center, on the house number 106, in the home of prof. Ivo Sučić. This museum collection was opened in 1074 and contains household items (furniture, hearth items and crockery), farm building equipment (cellars, barns) and other items related to other activities specific for the island. The fund contains almost 1300 items. The museum displays various items, witnesses of some older days, for example: brick-wall oven, scarecrows, mouse traps, hunting traps, toys and various kinds of furniture no longer in use.