The church of the Holy Trinity (locally called St. Antoine) is located on the square in the very center of Dobrinj. The sources mention it already in 1480. Today, only the single-nave longitudinal structure remained preserved with the sanctum on the south-east. Although the church has been subjected to many changes since the 15th century, all the earlier periods can easily be recognized on it. During the last restoration of the structure, the Romanesque stage of the church was revealed and presented, visible in the lines of regularly cut slate stone typical for Romanesque construction. The rearranged underpinning wall below the church contains public measures. It is assumed that the measures, intended for wine and grain, were made at the end of the 15th century.

Today the church is used as an exhibition area in which you can see a series of important displays collected in the Dobrinj area. One of the items from this collection is the well-known Maskeron, taken from the house located to the north of the church. It is a very impressive sculpture, a man’s head, assumed to be the work of the local folk author from 1738. Mysterious and secretive, the work has become one of the Dobrinj brands.