There used to by a Byzantine fortress situated on the important trade point, the observation post for sea passages to the south of Vrbnik. Today, only the almost decayed old Christian church of St Nicholas remained preserved there. According to its construction, this single-nave church with the protruded apse on the east can be dated back to the 6th century, while the future archaeological research will bring more insight about the site. The church is located in a beautiful landscape, in a lonely quiet place, to the south of Vrbnik. It can be accessed from the sea and from the land. Along with the church, in the natural cove sheltering it from the stormy bora, there is a little port with the quay for berthing. If you set out to this place on foot, you will pass through a charming but rough landscape. Prepare yourself for real training, both of nerves and of the muscles, as the site is far away, the ground is challenging, and summer days can be really hot. However, at the same time, the final destination is extremely intimate and beautiful.