Almost in the centre of Baška, there is a modest little church under which there are the remains of one of the most magnificent old Christian churches, not only on the island of Krk, but in the entire Croatia and the Adriatic. Some 1500 years ago this was the site of an impressive double old Christian basilica with the baptistery. The floor of the entire sacral complex was decorated with a grand mosaic. This mosaic floor, only a small part of which has been explored, can be compared with the greatest churches of the Christian world like Aquileia, Ravenna, Salona.

The northern basilica was larger than the southern one and, just like the large preserved basilica in Mirine near Omišalj, it conveyed the idea of the Christian faith – the cross – onto its layout. The cross was the main motif in the design of the baptistery and the baptismal font (piscina), thus representing a unique object in sacral architecture of the early Christian world.