After taking a walk along the quay in Punat, take a boat ride to the isle of Košljun, a magical place kept by the Franciscans. The tradition of monasticism on the isle began in the Middle Ages with the arrival of the Benedictines and from the 15th century the isle has been inhabited by the Little Brothers. After taking a tour around Košljun, set out towards the northern gate of the city of Krk to the Square of the Glagolitic Monks. This is the site of the true coexistence of several monastic communities, the still active Benedictine nunnery and the Franciscan monastery, and the deserted Benedictine monastery at the place of the Church of Our Lady of Health and the Poor Clares nunnery, partially preserved and presented within the sports hall at the mentioned square. The following stop leads towards the village Glavotok and the Franciscan monastery situated on a beautiful peaceful place right next to the sea. To get a complete impression of the monasticism on the island, you should visit the Franciscan monastery in Porat near Malinska. The monastery contains replicas of the Krk Glagolitic monuments. Take a good look at them and prepare for the next day to visit Jurandvor and the Church of St Lucia, where you can see the place where the most significant Glagolitic monument, the Baška Tablet, was found.